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Grace D'Antuono

An intentional educator seeking to support students as agents of their own well-being 

Hi there, I’m Grace


Welcome to my digital portfolio! I’ve curated this site to document my journey with San Diego Teacher Residency and my venture to become a teacher over the course of the past year. In this time, I’ve found myself asking a lot of questions:


How did I get here? - stumbling off of my skateboard and into the grass, on day eleven of learning a new skill in just under three weeks, encouraged by my new students to tackle the art of skateboarding for our classroom challenge.


So, is this project-based learning? - sprawling on the classroom rug with a helium balloon inflator, while giving directions to students about ribbon length and where to find tape on the morning of our first exhibition. 


What type of educator do I aspire to be? - sitting outside of a café, in front of an empty document with a flashing cursor titled “Draft Teaching Philosophy I,” course readings and classroom experiences spinning in my mind.  


In this portfolio, you will find some of the answers to these questions: my aspirations for this role, my current musings on education, and the work of my students from past projects. But even here, I find myself again asking: how did I get here? 


I think of the grace and humor gifted to me by fifty-four incredible thirteen and fourteen year olds, growth fostered by the most encouraging cooperating teacher, and support from one very special school community. It is with the sincerest gratitude I reflect on this year of learning and look towards all that is to come.

Take a Peek Inside the Classroom

My Teaching Philosophy

My classroom is similar to my aunts’ kitchens I grew up in: always with an open door, room for another at the table and a celebration of stories. In other words, I desire to implement a pedagogy of radical hospitality, care for self and others, and hope.
San Diego Living History Project:
San Diego Living History was a six month long project that challenged students to examine what they know about local history with a critical lens while practicing researching and public speaking skills. 
Here, two students attend to the gift shop at the Festival Del Sol Exhibition at the High Tech Chula Vista Campus. 
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